The Potter’s House was birthed from a visitation Pastor Worrells received from the Lord while at a military leadership conference in Cherry Hill, New Jersey in 1995. The Lord woke Pastor Worrells and spoke to his heart concerning His people. He said they were perishing because they did not know Him. The Lord said He was going to use Pastor Worrells to bring the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost. 
On March 10, 2011, while in prayer Pastor Worrells had a vision. In the vision, the word “release” came to him. He could see hands connected or holding each other. He could see and feel the hands release in the spirit. After the hands released, one set of hands disappeared. The Lord put a rod in his hand and told him to take of his old shoes and He had him put on sandals. Lastly, the Lord had Pastor Worrells to kneel before Him and He laid hands on him, and he was released to establish The Potter’s House Apostolic Ministry.
On May 1, 2012, eight saints set out to establish the Potter’s House Apostolic Ministry.
Our mission is simple — we are committed to restoring lives, equipping disciples, and fulfilling destinies. Our focus is to strengthen marriages, improve family relationships and develop our youth, so everyone can fulfill God’s purpose for their life.  
The Potter’s House is a member of the Minnesota, Wisconsin, Dakotas District Council, the 7th Episcopal District, Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, with Diocesan Bishop Richard D. Howell, Jr. 
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